Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal part of interaction with co-workers because of differing views, attitudes, ways of thinking and processing information – and then communicating it. Conflict resolution is not about changing the way people are, it is about providing conflict resolution techniques and helping them understand others in order to deal with conflict in a constructive manner.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

An important technique in conflict resolution is helping an individual understand how his traits (his way of thinking) and communication style affects others and vice versa. With an appreciation of how others approach and interpret an issue and naturally interact with others, tension can be reduced and arriving at a solution can be a much simpler, less stressful process. In fact, when both parties are aware of the tension that exists because of who they are, they’re equipped to manage it, leading to more creative solutions, options and better outcomes.

Find out how TRAITS Communicator, a communication style assessment tool, helps individuals, teams, managers and sales professionals apply various conflict resolution techniques to emerge with more cohesive and more successful teams.

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