Employee Coaching

Where are we today? Where do we need to be tomorrow?

Coaching can be a highly effective process for increasing the effectiveness of leaders, managers, sales people, and team members.  Like anything, the process undertaken will often influence the success of the engagement.  Each process needs to start from a solid foundation of who you are, your impact on others, and your job.  Here are some critical steps we undertake with clients to set the stones of that foundation.

Who are you?: We establish this through the use of our TRAITS Assessment tool.  It’s an objective measurement of your traits, natural strengths and weaknesses, and it’s used so a coach doesn’t misinterpret or make assumptions about who you are.

What’s your Communication Style?: Using the TRAITS Communicator tool, we establish your most typical way of communicating.  From here we can see how your style affects those around you, as well as how you’ll participate in the coaching process.

What do you need to do in your job?: We assess this by using the TRAITS Assessment & TRAITS Job Model tools to assess your view of the role and your manager’s expectations of the role.  With this knowledge we can clearly see where gaps exist.

How are you affecting others?: Using the CCi 360 Feedback tool, we collect objective data to assess multiple competencies from you, your boss, your peers, your direct reports, even your clients (if applicable).  This process surfaces how who you are shows up in your work and provides a launch pad for Action Planning.

What do you want to accomplish?: We also ask about you through our Intake Survey.  What are your goals, aspirations, what keeps you up at night, what would you like to change about you, your job, your career, your life.

The goal of coaching is not to try and change who you are, but to help you be more effective because of who you are.  With a solid foundation to begin from, employee coaching becomes far more focused & tailored to the individual.  It provides a base on which to plan, engage in a process, and reassess to see what progress has been achieved.

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