Performance Management

In an increasingly competitive world, organizations are forever trying to align their employees with organizational goals to boost productivity, retention, profitability, etc. Most people are naturally driven to be part of something bigger than themselves, they want to learn to improve and are motivated to do good work.  So why is performance management such an uncomfortable task for the manager and employee?

Employee performance management typically covers a number of different areas: an employee’s skills and experience, their competencies/abilities, their education and knowledge, and their behaviors/attitude. Managers often struggle in finding productive and practical ways of dealing with this wide variety of dimensions to assist their employees, especially when the most difficult, sensitive and often biggest gap is behaviours and attitude.

How Do Concord’s Tools Help?

At Concord we utilize two tools to help in performance management discussions.  The first is a 360 multi rater feedback tool.  This process allows an individual to receive feedback on competencies related to how they do their job.  The second is a trait based personality tool so we understand what drives an employees’ behaviours – and will be difficult to change.  By using these tools in combination we create an Action Plan that fits who the person is rather than trying to change who they are at their core.

Explore how TRAITS and CCi 360, personality assessment and 360 multi rater feedback tools, provide an objective base to discuss effective performance management, open lines of communication and provide appropriate discussion points to align manager and employee to a new set of actionable goals.

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