Defining Competencies

In an effort to align development initiatives to build high potential employees, organizations are placing a much higher emphasis on defining job competencies across roles within their organization. Understanding key competencies means understanding the complex combinations of experience, education, knowledge, skills and behaviours that lead to performance.

Competencies Assessment

The biggest issue organizations run into is that despite their significant investment in training and education, the employee still struggles to meet the expected performance levels. The critical differentiator is the employee’s ability to consistently behave as outlined in the competencies for the role. Most employers believe this is more of a training issue and try to develop it in the person only to find out their time, resources and monetary investments are not changing the outcomes. The issue is that no amount of training can make someone comfortable adjusting to a behavior that isn’t them. The person may have an intellectual understanding of how they need to change but lack the internal motivation to be someone they aren’t.

Learn how TRAITS Job Model a job competency assessment tool, addresses the behavioural component of key competencies and provides a benchmark that people can be compared to. TRAITS Assessment, our competencies assessment tool, then allows you to understand if they candidate will be able to consistently exhibit the behaviours required for the role.

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