Workforce Planning

In the next few years many organizations will be facing one of their most daunting challenges, and employers will be significantly impacted. The baby boomer generation will cause organizations lacking in workplace planning to either loose a wealth of knowledge, skills & experience; or retain many of their retirement age staff and not bring young employees into the organization.

Given that reality, employers are approaching their workforce planning in an unusual – and creative way. They’re studying their retirement age employees to understand the key behaviours & motivations that made them effective & successful in their roles – whether it be an Equipment Operator or a Geologist.

Key Job Behaviors


Workforce Planning System

Employers understand it will be important to be less particular about prospective employees’ acquired skills & experience, and recognize the increased responsibility & commitment they must have to training & developing their future workforce. Proactive employers are already engaging in workforce planning tools to prepare for the coming shortage of qualified employees.

TRAITS users are building benchmark behavioral profiles into their workforce planning system and elevating the priority of finding younger candidates who have the innate similarities to these benchmark behavioural profiles. Due to workforce planning tools, those candidates are being actively sought by screening a larger number of applicants through these behavioural filters before identifying interview prospects.


Our clients are then using the CCi360 feedback tool to assess current gaps in an employee’s performance so that they can focus their learning & development. They use the same tool to create a group composite to understand where as an organization they have development gaps.

Explore how the TRAITS & CCi360 tools can be used as a workforce planning tool to prepare your organization for the future.

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