Management Recruitment

The fastest way to decreasing the effectiveness of your organization is to hire bad managers.  All too often people are recruited or promoted to an executive management position due to their technical expertise or past experience, which can lead to a person struggling in the new role, as they’re now required to consistently behave in a way that isn’t at all them. The move from being a person others relied on to complete the work to being a manager required to teach, align and motivate others is a step not everyone is truly motivated by. If they’re not motivated to do the work, they’ll need to be constantly pushed to do it and their success will be less than ideal in the new management role.

Why Management Recruitment Tools?

The need to get the right people into management positions is critical in order for an organization to run effectively and meet its targets. Organizations turn to personality assessment tools to help them with executive management recruitment, to predict if their next promotion or new management hire will struggle to meet the new responsibilities of delegating work, leading difficult conversations, taking appropriate risks to achieve company goals etc.

Explore how TRAITS tools suite of employee assessment tools can be applied to help organizations with management/executive recruitment, and succession planning to improve the quality and consistency of hiring top performing managers. TRAITS Job Model and TRAITS Assessment can also be used as a high volume recruitment assessment tool or for talent development and leadership training.

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