Recruitment Assessment

Are you judging a book by its cover letter?

Organizations turn to pre employment personality tests for help with recruitment because they’re trying to improve upon one or more of the following problems: high turnover, hiring people that don’t fit the company culture, hiring average or poor performers and increasing the information they have on a candidate.

Using Pre-employment Screening

Many organizations place too high an emphasis on a candidate’s education, experience and skills. Rarely is a person let go because the organization did not do a good enough job of discovering this about a candidate. Most terminations, or the reason a person leaves a company, is based on attitude, behavioural or personality misalignments. Just because someone has the knowledge to do a job does not mean they have the motivation to do it on a regular basis.

The first step to improving the above problems is to discover what you need in a role by completing a TRAITS Job Model assessment test. The second is to have your applicants complete the TRAITS pre-employment assessment so you can gather objective, scientific information on their motivation and understand what really drives them as compared to what they’ve sold you on in the interview.

See how the TRAITS Job Model and TRAITS Assessments tools can be used in recruitment assessment to make a difference in your organization, for any position and in any company – from entry level to management roles and executive/leadership roles.

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