Sales Personality Tests

With minimal effort there are over 15 behavioural models that could be built for sales roles.  The problem – you’re not defining the one you need effectively and your model is probably a combination of 2 or 3 distinct models.  No wonder it’s so hard to hire top performing sales people.

Sales Personality Testing Instrument

As a hiring manager you need to know what you’re aiming for in the role, what the perfect performer will look like TRAITS tools has developed the TRAITS Job Model benchmarking tool which allows companies to fine tune the degree and combination of behaviours required for success specific to their industry, company or territory. It is a set of graphical results with definitive conclusions that reflect the exact degree and combination of behaviour required – no ranges. Companies can use this benchmark as their sales personality testing instrument – to ensure the person they hire has the combination of sales personality traits proven to be effective.

Candidates would complete the TRAITS pre-employment assessment which produces another set of graphical results. These results are compared against the benchmark sales personality model developed, to allow hiring managers to properly evaluate fit – quickly and accurately. The picture is simple and clear and provides rich insights into where the person will struggle or excel and to help significantly lower the risk of hiring someone who will only ever be average on a good day. Results are then used for ongoing sales coaching, motivating, performance management and succession planning.

Use the Sales Personality Test to Screen Candidates

The program can also be deployed as a screening tool. By asking all the applicants to complete the assessment, organizations find out if the person is built to do the role before they begin the interview process. Candidate’s results are compared and then ranked against the personalized TRAITS Sales Job Model benchmark based on their fit. High potentials are identified, resumes are reviewed and appropriate candidates are scheduled for an interview. Arm yourself with the next level of sales personality test.

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