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For over 32 years Concord has been helping organizations develop their business, manage talent and strategize for the future.

Through proven talent management strategies and advanced personality assessment technology, Concord clients have experienced more productive work environments and achieved stronger, more sustainable results.

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Building higher performing organizations

Every organization exists with cracks or challenges within it. Nothing exposes these cracks faster and more painfully than growth. As growth happens the cracks quickly become chasms which create a loss of profitability, engagement, customers, staff, and opportunities which infringes on the actual growth potential of the organization.

As a result of our experience and work Concord has created several proprietary tools and processes to help organizations to identify and get in front of these cracks before they become chasms. We are highly regarded for our consulting experience mentioned above and our world class tools and training have been developed in-house and are unique in what they identify and the insights they teach.

At the core of our organization is the desire to see our clients grow and achieve the highest level of success that they’re capable of. We have a track record of helping build higher performing organizations, it’s what drives our passion every day. Ready to grow your business with Concord? Get in touch to get started with us today!

We approached the Concord Consulting group to help us find a solution to combat some turn over in a specific role. With the help provided by the Concord team along with the TRAITS Tool we have now developed a new standard for recruiting as well as employee development.
Sean Lavin, Business Development Manager | Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.
We have begun to focus more on the TRAITS of those employed by Nilex where we have begun to explore why some are more successful than others in doing in their job, who is in the right role today, who might be a better fit for another position, which individuals have the potential to grow into management and leadership positions over time and how do we best motivate and engage our people.
Chelsea Hartmann, Director, Human Resources | Nilex
The results were remarkable. All of us have used numerous psychometric testing instruments during our careers and we all agreed that this was unequivocally the best we have ever seen. The results of the analysis of each team member was accurate, insightful and in some cases seemingly prescient. The analysis left no doubt about what we needed to do and how critical it was to do if we are to succeed.
Nick Martyn, Founder & CEO | RiskLogic
We are an organization that historically doesn’t invite “outside help” into our inner circle. Concord’s professionalism, experience and facilitation process created an environment at our retreat and in our planning process that brought the best out of us both individually and collectively. The result was a broader and deeper awareness of our strategic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
Raymond Off, CHRO | SCM Insurance Services
As an engineering, planning and surveying company … for over 35 years, strategic planning is something we have done on occasion in the past. Having said this, the session recently completed with you was the most comprehensive and valuable that we have undertaken. Thank you for the value you delivered. We are a better company today because of our work together.
Stephen Wallace, President | Terrain Group
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