Concord facilitated a Leadership Seminar for all members of our management and executive team. The session went well and the feedback was positive. Managers that attended have begun to leverage TRAITS to understand how their reports perceive their current role and ensure good conversations take place around alignment of strengths and management of development areas. For anyone in a management or leadership role there is value in collaborating with the team at Concord.
Chelsea Hartmann, Director, Human Resources | Nilex
I believe this tool needs to be a part of every leadership team’s tool kit to see their strengths and fill in their gaps. It’s a critical piece of the recruitment process and is a major component of building a successful organization.
Bruce Lazenby, Former President and CEO | Invest Ottawa
We find TRAITS to be a great starting point to facilitate team building discussions and career conversations with our staff. Not everyone is the same, and the profile tool highlights this in a non-invasive way. It provides the platform for HammondCare to have open and honest conversations with staff about how a certain personality trait may frustrate another and how to manage this in the workplace, be self-aware, and considerate of other employees. It’s also a great way for managers to get to know their staff better, by understanding what motivates them in the workplace. It removes a lot of the guess work!
Jacqui Gulczynski, Head of People Services | HammondCare
Our team has embraced TRAITS and we use the system daily in planning and managing our business. This tool has added significant value to Strike. The two-day session was time well spent and provided tremendous insight into our personnel strategy as we deal with the challenges of the future.
Stephen Smith, President &CEO | Strike Energy Services 2
Last night I reflected on the last two days and how valuable, intense and comprehensive the training was. TRAITS is so much more valuable than I ever imagined and I’m extremely excited about using it in our organization.
Jennifer Mills, COO | Precision Biologic Inc.
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