Leadership Development Training

The most effective leaders will have an increased level of self-awareness; they’re mindful of who they are and how their leadership style affects the productivity and engagement of their team.

As a leader why would this training be important?

Participants learn how their own characteristics create a leadership style and how that style influences the actions and behaviours of others. Leaders & managers gain valuable insights and understanding into their team members individually and collectively, and more clearly understand their motivational needs, behaviours and potential. The workshop highlights how individuals’ characteristics affect: decision-making, team orientation, communication style, openness to change, attention to detail & accuracy, ability to be innovative & creative in problem-solving, dealing with conflict, and how they will contribute to growth.

This Leadership Development Training will help you address:

  • Understanding your own leadership style, how you influence others, and how you produce results.
  • Identifying the different leadership styles that are required for various departments and levels in your organization.
  • Underlying reasons why various performance gaps exist in the organization.
  • Understand the difference between motivating staff and managing staff.
  • To fit individuals into jobs that enable them to use their strengths & talents most effectively.
  • More objectively and comprehensively understand individuals’ strengths, weaknesses and motivational needs in relation to specific positions.

Leaders that are aware of their own personality and communication in relation to others are far more effective at leading successful teams. This knowledge allows them to be better leaders because they are then able to anticipate how interactions or projects will unfold and as a result they are able to make appropriate adjustments to achieve desired outcomes.

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During my three years of utilizing the TRAITS tools it has created a strong platform for an HR professional to identify top talent. The greatest investment we can ever make in our organizations is an investment in our employees. TRAITS is the first step to doing this and preparing for the future as it emerges.
Adam J. Miller, Global HR Professional | Private Equity
Concord facilitated a Leadership Seminar for all members of our management and executive team. The session went well and the feedback was positive. Managers that attended have begun to leverage TRAITS to understand how their reports perceive their current role and ensure good conversations take place around alignment of strengths and management of development areas. For anyone in a management or leadership role there is value in collaborating with the team at Concord.
Chelsea Hartmann, Director, Human Resources | Nilex
The results were remarkable. All of us have used numerous psychometric testing instruments during our careers and we all agreed that this was unequivocally the best we have ever seen. The results of the analysis of each team member was accurate, insightful and in some cases seemingly prescient. The analysis left no doubt about what we needed to do and how critical it was to do if we are to succeed.
Nick Martyn, Founder & CEO | RiskLogic
I believe this tool needs to be a part of every leadership team’s tool kit to see their strengths and fill in their gaps. It’s a critical piece of the recruitment process and is a major component of building a successful organization.
Bruce Lazenby, Former President and CEO | Invest Ottawa
Our team has embraced TRAITS and we use the system daily in planning and managing our business. This tool has added significant value to Strike. The two-day session was time well spent and provided tremendous insight into our personnel strategy as we deal with the challenges of the future.
Stephen Smith, President &CEO | Strike Energy Services 2