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Identify areas of improvement throughout your organization and build a culture of self-directed growth with the help of Concord's surveys and 360 degree evaluation tools.

Instant Insight

Help employees answer these questions with the 360 Degree Feedback Tool by Concord:

  • How can I communicate better with others?
  • What areas are most critical for my action plans?
  • What are my strengths and areas for improvement?
  • In what areas have I improved my performance and effectiveness since my last assessment?

Assessments for All Roles

Concord's suite of surveys are client-proven for multiple levels within your organization. From Administrative Assistants, to Managers, to Executives, each survey measures a unique set of core competencies critical for a given role, position, or purpose.

Cost Effective & Confrontation Free

Employees trust feedback from multiple sources. Our system works to make feedback appear not just fair, accurate, and believable but motivational as well!

Quantifiable Results

Concord's 360 Feedback system converts performance and personalities into raw data, allowing you to uncover trends, compare performance over time, and drive iterative changes and improvement cycles with confidence.


How 360 Works

Performance Based Behaviours

Participants and work groups receive behaviourally based feedback and in-depth information about their performance and effectiveness from internal or external sources.

Reviewing results is both accessible and convenient with online, one-on-one, and workshop review options available.

Each participant receives their personalized Feedback Profile, Interpretation Guide, Self-directed Action Planning forms, and a Follow-Up Discussion and Coaching Guide to help them share their results with others.

Gap Analysis

Our feedback process provides true gap analysis feedback. We compare observable current performance with expectations — both within and among all rater groups. 

Inter-rater gap analysis makes it easy to compare data among all rater groups while intra-rater gap analysisidentifies different expectations of all raters within the same rater group. 

Our gap analysis format applies to both individual profiles and group roll-ups (aggregated data) to provide comprehensive coverage and help to highlight critical trends and opportunities.

Response Distribution

By providing feedback data in clustered, skewed, and polarized formats, we create an in-depth, informative look at the full range of rater responses. 

This comprehensive coverage of feedback points empowers participants to identify which behaviours to build upon and which to resolve through self-development.

Structured Catalyst For Change

Implementing needed change begins with the individual. 

Our feedback process is structured and easily integrated with your training and development initiatives, helping participants to understand the consequences of their behaviours and establishing motivation for self-improvement and meaningful change. 

Group Profiles

Identifying strengths to build upon and weaknesses to resolve is essential to success in today’s competitive global marketplace. 

Our profiles make it possible to aggregate and compare the data for any group of individuals or demographic you need, further aligning your strategic goals, training efforts, and incentive structures with day-to-day performance of your teams and talent.

Pre-Post Assessments

Growth and improvement is a constant process. 

Our process allows you to measure progress over time, building a solid foundation for iterative improvement. Pre-post assessments provide an effective means of monitoring growth for individuals or teams. 

We can display multiple pre-post assessments on the same page, allowing participants to measure the results of their action planning efforts over any timeline.

The Development Model

1. Begin with performance-based feedback

2. Create action plans

3. Provide needs-driven training

4. Conduct post-assessment to quantify results

companies that have benefited from 360 include:

"I have been reading the report this afternoon and I can see the major value with the survey, as it gives real information on areas I'm doing well and things to review. I appreciate your help and I enjoyed working with you to maximize the benefit of my survey results."
Jeffery Jenkins
Deputy City Manager
"The quality of the final written documents provided by Concord was only surpassed by the personal attention and direct coaching on the summary materials. This process without question was the most impactful performance review process I have undertaken in my career, you have set a new standard for my expectations."
Tim Reid
President & CEO

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