Organizational Design

As an organization experiences significant growth and expansion, it is common to have roles within the organization undergo considerable change. Employees often take on added responsibility to make sure the business continues to thrive. Management and staff are stretched thin in terms of both time and abilities. As a result, what is gained by growth is offset by the pressure of strained relationships, reduced productivity, and negative impact to the bottom line.

Most growing organizations have an organizational structure that is likely ideal for at least 25-40% less in revenue then what their structure is actually supporting. For example, a growing organization with $150mil in revenue often has a structure that’s suited for doing $80-100mil. Without a proper intervention, as growth continues the structure falls further behind which often results in multi-annual re-organizations. The strain felt by the staff are their responsibilities, accountabilities and bosses are always in flux.

Plan for Growth

In order to be strategic about organizational design it needs to align with the goals and to support the size and complexity of the organization once it’s reached its 3-5 year plan. Many organizations focus on building jobs and structure around current employees rather than focusing on future needs and assigning responsibilities to a role.

Concord has built a unique level of experience evaluating existing organizational design, and providing recommendations for more effective structures, including revised job roles and responsibilities.

To begin a discussion about your current & future organization needs, please contact Concord.

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As a result of our engagement with Concord, we were able to identify key organizational issues and construct a collaborative action plan with specific deadlines and individual responsibilities. We found the process enlightening, efficient and productive. We would definitely recommend Concord’s services and look forward to working with them in the future.
Clive Oshry, Co-President | Globex Foreign Exchange