Strategic Planning Services

Entrepreneurs, executives, and leadership teams are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the future growth and viability of their organization. Their leadership is necessary to identify direction, set goals, determine priorities, quantify growth, build and strengthen core competencies, and craft initiatives that will measurably move the organization to the next level of performance.

Our consulting experience which spans a wide range of industries enables us to design and facilitate a strategic process that suits your culture, planning experience, and desired outcomes.

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Contact us to discuss how a strategic planning process could serve your organization. We are able to quickly define an appropriate process that meets the organization's needs, budget, and time availability.

Strategic Planning Process

The ability to set and implement business strategy is the key skill of leadership – it determines everything else that happens within the organization. Leaders must learn the key elements of strategic thinking and strategic planning for both themselves and their organization: how to determine key strategic objectives, how to plan, and how to organize resources to achieve objectives.

Strategic planning is a process that extracts out of the minds of people who run the organization their best thinking about what is happening in the business, what is happening in the environment, and how to position the organization in view of those variables. This then helps them to make vital choices, such as which products or services to pursue and not to pursue, which markets to seek and not to seek, and which customers to offer and not to offer our products or services to. It enables management to position the organization in order to survive and prosper within a constantly changing environment.

Any organization, through its leaders, can become more skilled at planning for both the expected and unexpected by implementing a strategic planning and management process that includes the following:

Develop a Vision
Imagine what your organization would like to be some years from now. The Vision provides the context for designing and managing the changes that will be necessary to reach those goals.
Evaluate & Analyze
Evaluating and analyzing your current strengths and weaknesses and how they will help, or hinder, your ability to achieve your vision.
Determine and Commit
Determining and committing to specific objectives in key areas from Sales to Engineering to Human Resources to I.T. that measurably move the organization towards your vision.
Understand the Culture
Understanding your corporate culture and its importance in achieving your goals.
Preparing strategic action plans and assigning accountability for implementation.
Initiate Updates
Initiating annual updates and on-going monitoring processes to make necessary adjustments as conditions change.
As a result of our engagement with Concord, we were able to identify key organizational issues and construct a collaborative action plan with specific deadlines and individual responsibilities. We found the process enlightening, efficient and productive. We would definitely recommend Concord’s services and look forward to working with them in the future.
Clive Oshry, Co-President | Globex Foreign Exchange
We are an organization that historically doesn’t invite “outside help” into our inner circle. Concord’s professionalism, experience and facilitation process created an environment at our retreat and in our planning process that brought the best out of us both individually and collectively. The result was a broader and deeper awareness of our strategic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
Raymond Off, CHRO | SCM Insurance Services
As an engineering, planning and surveying company … for over 35 years, strategic planning is something we have done on occasion in the past. Having said this, the session recently completed with you was the most comprehensive and valuable that we have undertaken. Thank you for the value you delivered. We are a better company today because of our work together.
Stephen Wallace, President | Terrain Group