Personality Profile

A personality profile is an assessment process used primarily by employers for applicants and employees.

Applicants or employees are invited to complete a personality questionnaire (which can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours in length) and their responses are analyzed to create a personal profile. Most personality questionnaires are designed to measure behaviours (our responses to different situations and individuals); Disc and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) are examples of a behavioural personality analysis.

What do Personality Profiles Measure?

TRAITS is a personality profiling process that measures an individual’s personality traits. Traits are enduring characteristics that remain consistent over an adult’s life. A personality profile that measures traits provides a more accurate and comprehensive personality analysis for employers and employees.

TRAITS Assessment measures the seven most important work related traits and characteristics presenting them as a set of text and graphical results.  The greatest insights come from the graphical results as we’re able to visually see how a person is wired, distinguish the differences between two individuals or between a person and a job – and all at a quick glance.

The Impact of an Accurate Personality Profile

Appropriately used, personality profiles (also referred to as inventories) produce a wealth of information to organizations. Their results can be used for self-awareness, individual management and coaching, identifying and understanding necessary traits and behaviors for specific jobs, developing job descriptions, outlining organizational strengths and weaknesses, identifying training needs, and for selection and placement. They are a key tool for management to consider when making business decisions involving people.

The range of potential usefulness of these instruments is based on the depth of their scientific research, the number of characteristics measured, and the potential number of applications (see our Assessment Comparison Chart for further insight into range of application for the above mentioned and other instruments).

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