Effective Communication Skills for Sales and Customer Service Professionals

The key to success for various sales and customer service roles is understanding the personality styles of their customer and then tailoring the sales approach to fit the person. Our communication training can help your customer service or sales team members better understand how to effectively communicate with different personality types.


With an understanding of how to identify the communication styles of others, sales and customer service staff are equipped to:

  • Read prospects and customers more accurately,
  • Communicate in “their language,” and
  • Avoid the miscommunication which results in lost sales and missed opportunities.

Contact us for further information on how communications skill building can increase the effectives of your sales and customer service representatives.

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TRAITS allows us to identify those that don’t fit our job models early so we don't spend too much time with those that don't fit. We’re an aggressively growing auto group and we need certain types of people to help us reach our goals. We save time and bottom line dollars every time we find someone who simply won't fit into our culture.
Jared Priestner, President | Go Auto
We find TRAITS to be a great starting point to facilitate team building discussions and career conversations with our staff. Not everyone is the same, and the profile tool highlights this in a non-invasive way. It provides the platform for HammondCare to have open and honest conversations with staff about how a certain personality trait may frustrate another and how to manage this in the workplace, be self-aware, and considerate of other employees. It’s also a great way for managers to get to know their staff better, by understanding what motivates them in the workplace. It removes a lot of the guess work!
Jacqui Gulczynski, Head of People Services | HammondCare