Dan Maxwell
Rethinking Today's Recruitment Process

We are the least intentional about the most important part of the hiring process – knowing the person behind the resume. We shouldn’t be surprised when it turns out “they weren’t right for the job.” Fortunately, there is a way to figure this out before we invest our valuable time and effort in recruitment.

April 10, 2018
Mike Moreau
How Much Will a Candidate Flex to Meet Job Requirements?

Why do we expect people to change – after we hire them? Are we being reasonable or realistic?

February 6, 2018
Dan Maxwell
How Much Can You Rely on Experience?

We want to rely on the information we gather – especially when it comes to experience. There isn’t much to go by except what we read in a resume and answers in the interview. That’s not enough if we don’t really know the person, specifically, their natural motivators.

January 4, 2018
Dan Maxwell
How Wide Is Their Personality?

Every manager knows there’s a price to pay if someone is either overwhelmed by the job, or the role isn’t enough to keep them engaged. Setting realistic expectations may be a good thing – but how? Here is a measurement which can tell us if there’s a healthy match between expectations and requirements.

October 18, 2017
Dan Maxwell
What Makes a Good Project Manager?

Though it plays a part, there is more to project management than the skills required; and its more than experience ….

August 25, 2017
Dan Maxwell
What Makes a Good Manager?

Good managers are a different breed. What makes them unique? That’s important to figure out. Here’s what a global corporation discovered ….

July 20, 2017