Dan Maxwell
How Do You Read "Experience"?

“Experience” implies greater skill and ability; it may or may not. It may mean a Candidate has years of invaluable learning. Or, it may mean they’ve just put in time. Knowing how someone is hardwired helps you tell the difference – before you count on what them to help to your organization.

November 15, 2017
Dan Maxwell
How Wide Is Their Personality?

Every manager knows there’s a price to pay if someone is either overwhelmed by the job, or the role isn’t enough to keep them engaged. Setting realistic expectations may be a good thing – but how? Here is a measurement which can tell us if there’s a healthy match between expectations and requirements.

October 18, 2017
Dan Maxwell
What Makes a Good Project Manager?

Though it plays a part, there is more to project management than the skills required; and its more than experience ….

August 25, 2017
Dan Maxwell
What Makes a Good Manager?

Good managers are a different breed. What makes them unique? That’s important to figure out. Here’s what a global corporation discovered ….

July 20, 2017
Dan Maxwell
When to use Pro.file Assessment Tools

What can you do with Pro.file assessments – beyond recruitment? Consider these 5 further applications.

May 17, 2017
Dan Maxwell
How to Use Pro.file for Hiring

The advantage of personality assessment is lost without a benchmark for the job i.e. the ideal personality for the position. With a job model in place, every applicant can be considered based on fit.

April 27, 2017